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Eating Disorder Recovery

Invisible. Fat. Ugly. Whale. Worthless. Chunky. Not good enough. Attention Seeker. Outcast. Stupid.

Let's stop and reflect and take a moment to let all those words sink in. Read them again. How do they make you feel? If you were to be called any of those words, what would your response be to them? Would they make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Would you feel more positive about yourself? Do those words make you want to continue to happily go about your day?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, there is something wrong......

Eating Disorders. Uh oh, there is a topic our society feels that it is not okay to talk about. People with eating disorders are crazy right? Those kind of people are just dying for attention. Wow, look at that girl, she is a stick and thinks she is obese, what is her problem? I would totally kill for a body like hers.

Eating disorders are rapidly growing among adolescents and young adults in society today. They are more common among girls, but the amoun…