Monday, June 19, 2017

Finding thee relationship

Finding thee relationship

When a child finally hits the teen years, something begins to switch in their brains and their minds begin to send out all kinds of flashing new signals. A lot of these signals get triggered when it comes to being in the presence of the opposite sex. Uh ohh... nope, I'm not going to get into sex education in this post. That is definitely not what I'm going for here, continue on and don't be scared. So the teens mind begins to change. They begin to care about how they look to those of the opposite sex, how they smell, perhaps change the way they dress, maybe do their hair, and so on. They want to present themselves in a way that will allow them to gain the approval of someone else. They now feel a need for companionship. They want to feel secure and loved in a new light. One that they have never really known before. They seek something they aren't quite sure why, but they want to feel a connection with someone of a different gender.

As the teen gets older they grow, and merge into young adulthood. These years are where that desire begins to take an even bigger turn. The young adult is now more wise in a sense, and has a greater desire and need for that companionship they've been looking for. They want to feel loved. They want to share their own love. They need to find someone who reciprocates the same feelings that they have. They desire relationship with someone. 

Over the years I've dated off an on. I have experienced love, heartbreak, lust, infatuation, uncertainty, and more. I've had good relationships, and very poor ones. I've had dreams I've hoped for become true and bring me joy, and I've had experiences where some nightmare you never thought could happen to you, but you only see on the news, actually happen to me. Relationship. A word that means so much, but not everyone sees the full capacity of its meaning. Some people take bits and pieces of it's meaning and choose what they want from it. Maybe they look the companionship aspect to a relationship, maybe they like not having to feel alone, maybe they like having someone to constantly spend time and share important moments of their lives with, maybe some are just in it to experience fulfillment of their sexual needs. Whatever the case may be, relationships are highly underrated in today's society. People don't seem to be looking for "the one" anymore. They are more focused on who or what feels good in their present moment. Many don't take the time to think about the bigger picture, or the long run anymore. They instead think, who or what will make me feel good right now? How can this need I have be met now? Can he or she get the job done for me? Let's just settle for now... maybe it'll turn into something bigger maybe not, but does it actually matter? Eh probs not. I will admit I've definitely fallen under this gratification/get my love now kinda fix before too. I'm pretty sure everyone starts to fall under that spell at one point or another in their lives. We just want to feel good and feel like we matter to someone. Psh I know I definitely do. However, each of us fail to realize our worth sometimes. We lose our sense of respect for ourselves, our minds, our bodies. We don't take into consideration about how that fix will make us feel in the long run or how it will effect us later on in life. We don't take the time to step back and see the bigger picture that god actually has for us. How he actually has thee one for us. Sure it's good to date different people. It's totally 100% healthy and normal. But is everything we choose to do in those relationships really good for us? Or will be good for us when we go to move into relationships in the future? 

How are we supposed to find the one or why should we care? God has someone special picked out for every human on this planet. Well dang, doesn't that make you feel loved or special just thinking about that? Like woah there's some human out there you may have not even met yet that's just laying there at night dying to know you, and they don't even know who you are yet. That's like mega freaking rad. In order to have an effective relationship you need to have some important factors going on: trust, the right timing, balance of  common interests and differences, love, personal healing and mentally stability so you won't have baggage that hinders your relationship, and common goals. These factors are all sooo super important. Without them, that long term relationship will begin to sink and slowly drown. 

You need to learn how to love yourself, your life, and learn to succeed on your own before you dive into a relationship. Find out who you are. How are you supposed to learn to care about someone and everything that makes up who they are, when you don't even know who you are? Learn to love yourself, build  trust, trust god, mend your heart and mind. You can do it. Don't
Just date everyone who flirts with you and thinks you rock that haircut or are looking stylish in those clothes.  Don't date everyone. Don't love everyone in a special relationship sense. It's okay to take a break and live your life. You will find thee one. It all takes time. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Eating Disorder Recovery

Invisible. Fat. Ugly. Whale. Worthless. Chunky. Not good enough. Attention Seeker. Outcast. Stupid.

Let's stop and reflect and take a moment to let all those words sink in. Read them again. How do they make you feel? If you were to be called any of those words, what would your response be to them? Would they make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Would you feel more positive about yourself? Do those words make you want to continue to happily go about your day?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, there is something wrong......

Eating Disorders. Uh oh, there is a topic our society feels that it is not okay to talk about. People with eating disorders are crazy right? Those kind of people are just dying for attention. Wow, look at that girl, she is a stick and thinks she is obese, what is her problem? I would totally kill for a body like hers.

Eating disorders are rapidly growing among adolescents and young adults in society today. They are more common among girls, but the amount of guys dealing with them are also beginning to increase more. Psh who do they think they are, right?

To define eating disorder, google puts it as the psychological disorders that can be characterized by abnormal eating habits. Uh oh... that also puts eating disorders under another topic we can talk in our world.. mental health problemss.. ahhh red flag.

Negativity is always assciated with the topic of eating disorders. But as someone who has recovered, or is still recovering. I do not think everyone actually understands what it can be like to live with an eating disorder:
YOU NEVER FEEL LIKE YOU ARE WORTH IT OR GOOD ENOUGH. This is a common problem with those who are dealing with eating disorders. You tend to constantly bring yourself down because you feed off negative energy from those aaround you. You feel broken, hurt, used,and like no one cares about you. You require attention or love that you have never been able to receive because you have lacked it for so long. You want to feel loved but you have been trained by either parents, friends, or peers, that you can never be and now it is just ingrained into your mind.
YOU WOULD BE PRETTIER IF YOU WERE TINIER: Having an eating disorder typically tends to be a persons way of feeling that they have control over their life. Often people may have problems at home, work, or school, and feel like their life is beginning to spiral out of control, so in order to grab onto some part of making sure they can have control of their life they dictate their eating habits.

PERSONAL STORY: Personally, I dealt with Anorexia Nervosa throughout my four years of high school. I was constantly depressed and no longer felt like I was accepted right at school. I struggled with fitting in at home, and extra curriculars as well.I felt like my life had no meaning and I was being a Zombie. I slowly went through the day not speaking, not living, just existing. I wanted to have control over my life and I wanted people to think I was beautiful and worth it. I did not decide to make this change the best way however. I began to cut calories. And by cutting calories I do not mean just a snack here and there. I really cut them. 500 calories a day max. try not to even reach that. In my mindset I thought I could be happy by being skinny and I would do anything to make sure I could at least make that happen. Skip breakfast, skip lunch, little snack, skip dinner. Dont eat, be strong. Thats the mindset I had. Thats how many people who deal with eating disorders feel.

This issue needs to quit having so many stereotypes around it,.. and needs to quit being shoved under the rug. It needs to be talked about. People need to feel happy and loved. They need our help to show them they are wanted. THEY ARE ENOUGH.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

We enjoy you a latte

When people start getting to know me, they can usually describe me in about two words: COFFEE ADDICT. I find that one of the most perfect ways to relax and just enjoy yourself, is with one or perhaps even a group of friends, and being surrounded by all different kinds of different sugary drinks or pastries, I have went to various coffee shops over the years, but I have never found one that I enjoy more than Muggswigz, a small coffee shop located in downtown Canton, Ohio.

Muggswigz has been in business for over ten years. It is owned an operated by Alex Haas. Alex originally grew up in downtown Canton, Ohio, close to where the shop is now located. He developed a passion for the coffee and tea world partially during his college career where he studied chemistry and psychology, and continued to broaden his coffee and tea infatuation as he traveled throughout India, and parts of Europe. After his artistic, cultural, and practical understanding for the tea and coffee business was achieved, he decided to move back to Canton and open up a shop to share his love with the rest of Ohio. After opening up in downtown Canton, his business has had the opportunity to expand else ware, allowing him to open up in more locations and add new types of recipes to his menus. 

SOOO..... what does this joint actually have to drink? There are so many different items that this rad place has to offer. You can quench your thirst with a pot of one of their teas (I'm pretty sure they have like twenty of them: Blueberry?Banana?Orange?Mint?), you can enjoy one of their delicious smoothies if you are looking to keep your fizek in check, or you can choose from many of their specialty drinks such as: Fuzzywig, Vanilla Cloud, Living La Vida Mocha.... Still not sure if you are impressed? you could also make your own customized beverage. You name it? they do it. If you also enjoy food like I do, you can also choose to indulge in one of their delicious sweet treats. HINT: YOU NEED TO TRY ONE OF THEIR CINNAMON ROLLS YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!!! 

During the past two years I have lived in Canton, I have completely lost track of how many times I have found myself walking through Muggswigz's doors. A dear friend of mine, and I, are regulars at this little shop and can always be found there during our weekly visits at a specific day and time, Going to Muggswigz each week to chat, play games, meet new strangers who have very interesting different tastes in coffee, and interact with a staff that feels more like family than any family I have ever been a part of, makes life a whole lot, or should I say a whole cup, of bliss.


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