Saturday, April 2, 2016

Not Your Average Coffee Shop

Since moving to Canton, Ohio I have tried to adventure around and explore different sights the area has to offer. One of my all-time favorite things to discover however, are new coffee shops. There is something about a coffee shop that just makes me feel content with the world. One day I was staying with a friend, when she recommended to me a coffee shop in downtown Canton that I had never heard of before. So of course, I had to definitely go and check it out.

Downtown Canton has all kinds of different places to discover, especially in the art district. This spot is also home to the coffee shop known as "Cultured Coffee and Waffles." The coffee shop used to be just known as "Cultured Coffee" until recently a knew owner took over and decided that he wanted to change things up a bit. The shop offers all kinds of different coffee specialties that you would expect when walking into a coffee shop. It also offers 14 different waffle flavors, like the "Grandpa's Grilled Cheese Waffle" or perhaps a favorite from the Ninja Turtles, the "The Pizza in a Half Shell." Not only do they have special waffle flavors, but they also offer you the chance to create your own special waffle. This cute shop has an array of seating, allows you the chance to play video games, or even gives you the option to play any of their many board/card games.

A dear friend of mine and I decided to  visit "Cultured Coffee and Waffles" and absolutely fell in love with it. The coffee and waffles were amazing, and we enjoyed the atmosphere the place gave off. We also enjoyed competing with one another by spending the morning playing games. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone! Go and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.